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Ripple Tank Kit

Product Code : JL-VAW-10617

Two arms on the side hold an eccentric motor and bar assembly, onto which either two point dippers, or a plane-wave dipper can be attached. 
The motor and bar assembly is suspended by springs so the vibration is not transmitted to the tank. 
An overhead projector type ripple tank jaincolab for demonstration of various wave phenomena, including reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference. 
The unit comprises a shallow 40 x 40 cm tank with scratch-resistant acrylic window on the bottom, supported by four adjustable legs. 
The following accessories are included: Concave, convex, & rectangular Perspex plates; curved reflector; two large & one small barriers; two point dippers; hand stroboscope; banana leads; instructions. 
A bright point light source is held overhead, which shines down through the water in the tank, and casts a shadow of the waves on the bench below. 
The motor requires a continuously variable 0-5 V DC power supply, and the lamp requires a 12 V AC supply. Alternatively, the ripple tank can be driven by the jaincolab ripple tank & LED driver.

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