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Bell in a Jar Experiment

Product Code : JL-VAW-10611

The pump plate is lightweight aluminium, mounted on a heavy tripod base, with a tube connection to the central pillar to evacuate air from the bell jar on top. 
A stopcock allows the chamber to be sealed, allowing the vacuum to be kept when turning off the pump.
An improved version of the classic Jaincolab Bell in a Jar experiment. 
The base is fitted with a rubber sheet which ensures a good seal between the jar and pump plate, without the need for vacuum grease.
The bell jar is robust acrylic which is safe in the event of implosion, and has a flat flange to ensure a good seal with the pump plate. 
The bell is suspended by wires to reduce conduction of sound to the bell jar. Connection is by 4 mm sockets on the top bung.
Then, by closing the tap, turning off and disconnecting the pump, and then slowly allowing the air back in, the bell can be heard getting louder, as air is required to conduct the sound.
The bell can be heard getting quieter as the air is evacuated. 
The high-quality bell operates on 4-6 V DC or AC. Requires a suitable vacuum pump, and heavy-walled vacuum/pressure tubing.

Bell Jar
• Internal diameter 140 mm
• Height 260 mm to neck
• External diameter flange 180 mm

Pump Plate
• Diameter 250 mm
• Height 195 mm

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