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Product Code : JL-RAAE-10813

A sealed bottle of water inserted into a breathing circuit to add moisture to the breathing gases for administration to a patient. This type of humidifier does not heat the gas.

Graduation shall show minimum and maximum water level.
Jaincolab Detachable metal or rigid durable polymer cap with gas connectors.
Non-heated, reusable humidifier for oxygen therapy and ventilation/anaesthesia inspiratory lines.
Bubble-through humidification system.
Graduated, transparent humidification bottle, shatter resistant.
DISS connectors for gas inlet and outlet
All available adaptors for gas connection to be described in bid response
Flow rate capacity up to 15 L/min.
Safety pop-off valve incorporated
Cap and connectors made of brass/steel/other biocompatible metal or polymer certified for medical use.
Bottle and tubes made of polymer certified for medical use, shatter resistant.
Autoclavable and/or disinfectable with hospital grade detergents.
Humidification chamber working volume at least 150 ml, not greater than 500 ml.

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