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Plastic Bottle 1 litre With Screw Cap

Product Code : JL-MU-10756

Jaincolab Plastic Bottle suitable for storing chlorine and iodine solutions in hospital environment.

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Plastic Wash Bottle 250ml

Product Code : JL-MU-10757

Material: Plastic. Capacity: 250 ml.

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Safety Pin Medium Size

Product Code : JL-MU-10758

Jaincolab Safety Pin Medium Size for securing wraps and bandages.

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Plastic Hand Scrubbing Brush

Product Code : JL-MU-10759

Jaincolab Nylon brush with soft bristles for scrubbing hands prior to surgical intervention.

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Measuring Jug 1 litre

Product Code : JL-MU-10760

Polypropylene, autoclavable. Measuring Jug with handle and indelible embossed graduation for each 50ml.

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Polypropylene Thermometer Jar Without Cover

Product Code : JL-MU-10761

Material: Polypropylene, autoclavable. Round container with base.

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Dressing Tray Stainless Steel

Product Code : JL-MU-10762

Seamless tray, rectangular with rounded corners, stainless smooth surface Dressing

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Instrument Tray Stainless Steel

Product Code : JL-MU-10763

Material: Austenitic stainless steel; composition: 18 to 20% chromium, 8 to 10% nickel

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Bowl Stainless Steel

Product Code : JL-MU-10764

Material: Austenitic stainless steel composition: 18 to 20% chromium, 8 to 10% nickel.

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Round Bowl Polypropylene

Product Code : JL-MU-10765

Material: Polypropylene, autoclavable. Round bowl.

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Kidney Basin Stainless Steel

Product Code : JL-MU-10766

Material: Jaincolab Austenitic stainless steel composition: 18 to 20% chromium, 8 to 10% nickel.

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Kidney Basin Polypropylene

Product Code : JL-MU-10767

Material: Jaincolab Polypropylene, autoclavable. Basin, kidney, 475ml

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Waste Receptacle Pedal Action

Product Code : JL-MU-10768

Jaincolab Round waste receptacle with foot pedal opens self-closing lid, stainless steel.

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