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Product Code : JL-MK-10703

Technical Specifications:-
This set should be considered part of any minimal investment in a health facility with surgical activities. A fully functional environment with theatre, sterilisation and resuscitation rooms, as well as trained personnel must be available.

Kit contents:-

Forceps, tissue, Collin, 160mm
Clamp, towel, Backhaus, 130mm
Forceps, dressing, standard, 155mm, str
Forceps, tissue, standard, 145mm, str
Jaincolab Forceps, dressing, Cheron, 250mm
Needle holder, Mayo-Hegar, 180mm, str
Probe, double-ended, 145mm
Forceps, tissue, Allis, 150mm
Forceps, artery, Halst-Mosq, 125mm, cvd
Forceps, artery, Kocher, 140mm, str
Retractor, Farabeuf, d-e, 120mm, pair
Scalpel handle, no.4
Scissors, Metzembaum, 140mm, cvd, b/b
Scissors, Mayo, 140mm, cvd, b/b
Bowl, stainless steel, 180ml

This set is sufficient for most examinations of complex wounds, appendectomy Jaincolab according to Mac Burney,  non-complicated ruptures, etc. It is the best basic emergency surgical box.

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