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Medical diagnostics refers to the detection and determination of patients physical or psychological ailments by medical professionals. In many cases, no diagnosis can be made on the basis of physical examination alone. Jaincolab, Therefore doctors must emplore biochemical examinations, imaging techniques and diagnostic equipment. The diagnosis is based on a summarised assessment considering the patients symptoms and the results of the different examinations. In the Diagnostics category Jaincolab, we have put together a comprehensive selection of products that support the determination of a reliable diagnosis. Jaincolab offer everything, from diagnostic instruments like otoscopes, thermometers, or stethoscopes to diagnostic equipment such as ECG machines, sphygmomanometers, blood pressure monitors or image producing equipment such as ultrasound devices. We offer wireless and portable devices for monitoring patients outside of the medical diagnostic laboratories, and others to monitor the patients health inside the lab or practice. Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturers, Medical Diagnostic Equipment Exporters, Medical Diagnostic, Medical Diagnostic Equipment Suppliers, Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturers in India.

Non Contact Clinical Thermometer

Product Code : JL-MDE-10739

Infrared (IR) clinical thermometer, digital, handheld, minimmal range 34– 42 °C.

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Handheld Pulse Oximeter Incl. Respiratory

Product Code : JL-MDE-10740

Handheld, portable, battery powered pulse oximeter, displaying patient oxygen saturation

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FHR Doppler Detector With Accessories

Product Code : JL-MDE-10741

Foetal Heart Rate (FHR) doppler detector, with speaker, handheld, battery powered, with accessories.

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Ultrasound Scanner Mobile w/access

Product Code : JL-MDE-10742

Jaincolab Scanner, ultrasound, mobile, with accessories to be used in health infrastructures for diagnostic

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Tape Measure Fibreglass Tailors

Product Code : JL-MDE-10743

Jaincolab Tape measure, vinyl-coated, 1.5m

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Pulse Oximeter Portable With Accessories

Product Code : JL-MDE-10744

Jaincolab Pulse-oximeter, SpO2 and HR detection, portable, battery powered, with accessories

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CTG Monitor With Accessories

Product Code : JL-MDE-10745

Cardiotocograph (CTG monitor), normal and twins Foetal Heart Rate (FHR) and Uterine Contraction

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Portable ECG Recorder w/access

Product Code : JL-MDE-10746

Electrocardiogram (ECG) digital monitor and recorder, 12-leads detection, multi-channel recording

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Stethoscope Foetal Pinard

Product Code : JL-MDE-10747

Jaincolab Stethoscope foetal Pinard used to auscultate the heart sounds of the embryo in the womb.

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Spot Check Pulse Oximeter With Accessories

Product Code : JL-MDE-10748

Robust shock resistant design allow use in demanding environments

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Flashlight Pre-focused

Product Code : JL-MDE-10749

Length: < 185mm Mechanical switch

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Binaural Stethoscope Complete

Product Code : JL-MDE-10750

A mechanical listening device designed for listening to sounds from the heart and lungs.

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Disposable Wooden Tongue Depressor

Product Code : JL-MDE-10751

Wooden tongue depressor, with rounded extremities.

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Sphygmomanometer Adult Aneroid

Product Code : JL-MDE-10752

Sphygmomanometer Adult Aneroid sphygmomanometer. Measures blood pressure non-invasively

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Otoscope Set

Product Code : JL-MDE-10753

Otoscope Set for visual examination of the eardrum and the outer ear, Otoscope set

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