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Shaft Alignment and Couplings

Product Code : JL-MAM-10323

The Shaft Alignment and Couplings package consists of hardware, tools, and measuring apparatus to teach shaft alignment methods and coupling installation.

The following components are included:
1x grid coupling, in a casing, made of two halves, with keyway and setscrew. The two halves are joined by a grid. Two rubber seals and a gasket are provided to seal the casing.
1x flange coupling with keyway and setscrew. Four screws are used to join the halves.
1x flexible sleeve coupling with keyway and setscrew. A rubber sleeve is installed between the two J-type halves to join them.
2x single universal joints, with needle roller bearing, each with setscrews. A shaft joins the two universal joints.
1x panel for storage, inventory, and identification of the couplings with an outline of each coupling printed on the panel. The panel has two handles and is designed to be stored on a wall-mounted support or inside the optional work bench.
1x chain coupling, in an aluminum casing, with keyway and setscrew. Two O-rings and a gasket are provided to seal the casing. A section of chain joins the two halves.
1x gear coupling, made of two sintered metal halves, with keyway and setscrew. A polyamide sleeve joins the two halves.
1x printed copy of the instructor manual. The content of this instructor manual is the same as the student manual but also includes answers and comments. The topics covered in this manual are:
- Installation of flange couplings
- Installation of flexible sleeve couplings
- Installation of chain couplings
- Installation of gear couplings
- Shaft alignment: straightedge and feeler gauge method
- Shaft alignment: laser method
- Installation of grid couplings
- Installation of universal joints
- Shaft alignment: rim and face method
- Shaft alignment: reverse dial indicator method

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