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Animals Slide Set

Product Code : JL-PS-10447
Set of slides comprising: Hydra w.m., Taenia proglottid, Trichinella encysted larva in muscle, Hydra I.s. ecto/endoderm, Planarian w.m., Fasciola w.m., Meiosis locust testis squash, Amphioxus t.s. pharyngeal region, Nereis w.m. parapodium, Blood smear, Nerve smear, Porifera Grantia, Obelia, Periplaneta head with mouthparts, Earthworm t.s. Frog skin, Mites w.m., Spinal cord, Mammalian skin with hair, Drosophila wild type w.m., Embryo v.l.s.

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