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Product Code : JL-BLE-10352

The clear lid of the chamber has slightly raised ridges which divide it into quarters, to facilitate the placement of tracing paper or card segments, creating different levels of opacity or for light to be blocked out completely. 
Jaincolab with four compartments for holding desiccating and humidifying components (e.g. silica gel or anhydrous calcium chloride and water or cotton wool soaked in water) a piece of fine mesh is placed over the compartments and the lid placed on top to hold the mesh in place. 
This allows a range of condition gradients within the chamber to be created. 
The edges of the lid can also be blacked out if required, to augment the dark conditions. 
The organisms being tested (e.g. woodlice or maggots) are then introduced via the single 18 mm diameter hole in the lid.
This mesh layer ensures the organisms cannot come into contact with the desiccant etc. below. 
The lid fits onto the base in such a way that the top segment guides align with the compartment walls below, which means the different light level sectors of the lid will match the compartments in the base precisely.
Available in a range of base colours with clear lids, the choice chambers come without the mesh material, which is available separately.
Dimensions (Diameter x D): 200 x 35 mm.

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